The functionality of GOXU Fire Rated Doors is crucial for security of life


  • It is used to protect fire exit points from fire and as well as to provide necessary time to make fast evacuation in case of fire.
  • It provides fast opening with panic bar (optional) in case of panic
  • It provides controlled passage with a viewing window (optional).
  • It contains springed hinges to provide automatic closing. If equipped with hydraulic arm (optional) it provides ability to be used more frequent.


  • It provides larger escaping space for secure evacuation with its double leaf application
  • The leaves can both be simmetrical or assimmetrical
  • One of the leaves can be fixed and can easily be opened in case of fire with a pim mechanism.
  • For more frequent open-close usage, hydraulic pump can optionally be preferred
  • Stainless steel plinth can optionally be applied under the leaves.


Special steel sheet doors are large size hinged doors that allow some big size devices such as generator-set, transformer, hydrophore etc. to enter in the building.
These doors can be equipped with ventilation grill to discharge accumulated gas.

These doors can be made of DKP or galvanized steel and as well as stainless steel for hygene applications.

Shaft Covers;

  • are used to cover the cabinets of water or electrical equipments or fire extinguishers that are stored in.
  • are made of DKP or galvanized steel sheet and can be painted to any RAL color
  • Can be opened wih a handle or with an allen wrench which is hidden on the surface to restrict unnecessary interferences.
  • Corner frame or insert frame ( that cover entire wall thickness) can be applied.


GOXU Accessories

  1. Outboard panic bar
  2. Embedded Panicbar
  3. Hydraulic
  4. Bottom door hidden guillotine
  5. Electrical Leaf Holder

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