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STA / STAW Sectional door drives for spring-balanced doors

STAC / STAWC Sectional door drives for spring-balanced doors with integrated control unit

The STA / STAW and STAC / STAWC series of drives are optimally designed for spring-balanced sectional doors. This guarantees a drive that is developed especially for this particular application, with a special motor to supply a great deal of power in the smallest space. The drive is therefore
extremely compact and its housing very slim.
External or integrated controls: All drives in the STA / STAW series work on the basis of external controls, whereas the drives in the STAC / STAWC have integrated controls. We have the flexibility to quickly realise custom solutions for individual customer requirements at any time.


  1. 2 versions available STA / STAW external control STAC / STAWC integrated control
  2. Pressure cast aluminium housing
  3. Rolled worm shaft
  4. Double worm shaft bearings
  5. Standard 25.4 mm sleeve shaft. Special sleeve shaft on request.
  6. Emergency operation via emergency hand crank (KU), emergency hand chain (KE),emergency unlocking device (E) or emergency unlocking device with spring reset (E-FR)
  7. Straightforward conversion from crank to chain
  8. Maintenance unlocking optional
  9. End position setting via electronic absolute encoder or mechanical limit switch
  10. Thermal protection in the motor windings
  11. Higher motor duty cycle available. Designation by the addendum
  12. Supply 230 / 400V / 50Hz / 3~ STA / STAC or 230V / 50 Hz / 1~ STAW / STAWC (custom solutions on request)
  13. Plug-in connections
  14. Version with external or integrated control, for combination with an extensive control programme
    Supply: 230 / 400V / 3~, 230V / 1~
    Frequency:  50 / 60 Hz
    Control voltage:  24V-DC (Section 10 “Controls”)
  15. Frequency converter control optional (STA only). Increasing the drive motor speed (operation with frequency converter) reduces the drive torque. The following applies in this case: Increasing the drive motor speed by 10% reduces the drive torque by 5%. Version FU-I with integrated frequency converter Version FU-E with external frequency converter
  16. Custom versions, such as different voltages and frequencies, higher protection classes and sleeve shaft diameters on request.
  17. ATEX versions (Section 6 “Drives for use in explosion protected rooms)



Sectional door drives for spring-balanced doors


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