Gate Door Operator

HIGH SPEED GATE automation systems

Rapido Sliding Gate Operator

Sliding type door mechanism for the long and heavy doors that are mainly used in industrial and military facilities

Technical Specifications

Working Voltage 220 Vac Gear Cycle 46 – 230 D/D
Draw Current 3A (ort.) Motor Output Torgue 250 Nm
Motor power 750 W Maximum Wing Length 20 M
Motor Voltage 380 Vac Maximum Wing Weight 2000 Kg
Working Period %100 Sürekli Drive System 22×22 Kramayer
Working Temperature -25°C / +70°C Automatic Closing Var
Motor Cycle 1400 D/D Size 310 x 260 x 450mm


Rapido Accessories

  1. Control Rack
  2. Flasher Lamp
  3. Coded Open-Close Unit
  4. Wall Mounted Remote Control
  5. Remote Control
  6. Photocell with Flasher
  7. Open-Close Button
  8. Safety Photocell
  9. Key Switch
  10. Loop Detector

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