business requires seriousness…

Each  and every piece of your jobsite are like the links of a chain. Sectional Industrial Doors should be one of the strong links of the chain.

Standard Colour

Standard ColourRAL 9010 – 4010 Panel

RAL 9002 – 4011 Panel

RAL 9006 – 4011 Panel

RAL 7016 – 4011 Panel

RAL 3020 – 4011 Panel

RAL 1018 – 4011 Panel

RAL 5005 – 4011 Panel

Optional Colours

All RAL colours are applicable except flourencent colours

business requires productivity…

the path to success passes through selection of correct partners and correct preferences

Various panel and door choices for time and money saving

Panel Options

Sectional Industrial Panels

  1. Finger-Protection Panel
  2. Aluminium Panel
  3. Microwave Panel
  4. Smooth Panel
  5. Fullvision Panel

Panel Options - Finger Protection

business requires safety…
work place safety as well as trust in yourself and in your partners, are the key concepts.

Cable Break Safety Device

Spring Break Safety Device

Safety is not an option but a standard

Solutions for security, productivity, insulation and easy usage

business seeks solutions…
business must find the best solutions not only for customers but also for itself

Lifting Type

Lifting Type

Suitable solutions for all sectors and requirements and for various construction types


1- External Wicket Door
2- Wicket Door Incorporated
3- Low Threshold Wicket Door Incorporated

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