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Somfy Oximo

A Smart Choice to Motorize Rolling Shutters

Main Features

Obstacle Detection

Stops the shutter from coming down automatically when obstacles are detected.

Protects the end user’s belongings.

Frost Protection

Stops the motor if frost or ice freezes the  shutter in place, or if the bottom slat is locked.

Reduces weather related service calls.

Tamper Resistant

Combined with an automatically set downward limit, it resists manual lifting.

Increases security for the end user.

Automatic Limit Setting

Flexible limit settings adjust automatically out of the box to reduce installation time. Or there is an option to set them manually.

Saves you time.

The Exclusive Somfy “my” Function

Moves the shutter to a favorite position.

Set it once for convenient repeat use.

Somfy Drive Control

Innovative electronic technology senses the load the motor is under and reacts automatically.

Minimizes stress and extends the life of the rolling shutter.

Point of Control

Limits can be set at the point of control as well, never touching the motor head.

Makes it easy to adjust limits.

Retained Programming

Programming is retained in the event of a power outage.

Provides peace of mind.

NOTE: Some features require rigid links, bottom stops or equivalents.

The Ideal Solution for Rolling Shutters Up To 25Nm
  • Counter Shutters
  • Commercial Store Fronts
  • Security, Energy Savings and Hurricane Protection

Compatible with all Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) Controls and Accessories


  1. Telis 1 Chronis RTS Timer
  2. Telis 16 Channel RTS Remote with one-screen display
  3. Telis 4 RTS Patio Remote
  4. DecoFlex WireFree™ RTS Wall Switch
  5. Universal RTS interface 16 Channel
  6. Sunis & Thermo Sunis Indoor WireFree™ RTS Sun Sensors
  7. Sunis WireFree™ RTS Outdoor Sun Sensor
Oximo™ 50 RTS Star Head

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) allows for wireless radio control of motorized rolling shutters and window coverings via the RTS family of controls.

Technical Features

  • Voltage Supply: AC
  • Index Protection Rating: IP 44
  • Limit Switch Type: Electronic RTS
  • Limit Switch Capacity: 200 Turns
  • Temperature Working Range: 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
  • Insulation Class: Class 1 for 120V AC
  • Antenna: Integrated into power cord. Must be at least 12 inches and must not come in contact with metal.
  • Wiring: Parallel wiring allowed in accordance with NEC and local electrical codes.

Oximo Drawing

Performans, Dimensions, Cable

New Revolutionary Rigid Links!

New revelutiın rigit kit

Save time at each stage of installation

  • Quick and easy fit
  • Performance almost identical to metal fasteners
  • Perfect end limit detection
  • Tamper resistant
  • Long Lasting

Somfy is the leading global manufacturer of strong, intelligent, quiet motors and electronic controls for interior and exterior window coverings with more than
110 million motors produced since 1980. For more than four decades, Somfy engineers have designed products for both the commercial and residential mar
kets to motorize window coverings such as interior shades, wood blinds, draper ies, awnings, rolling shutters, exterior solar screens and projection screens. Somfy motorization systems are easily integrated with security, HVAC and lighting systems providing total home or building automation.

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